A solar powered solution to road security

Great Ocean Road

Recently, the Australian Bollards team installed two of our Solar Powered Boom Gates (AB-DBA-900A) in Colac, near the Great Ocean Road. These high-quality access solutions have an environmentally friendly approach, with the boom barrier running entirely off solar energy, making it the perfect carbon neutral solution. The Colac Otway Shire local government area (LGA) partnered with our Australian Bollards team to provide and install the stand alone system. Because of its automatic solar powering, it’s the perfect smart solution for remote locations and places that don’t need constant manual control.

Solar powdered boom barrier system

Road safety is a major priority here at Australian Bollards. Our safety solutions comprise high quality products to ensure that the public and road vehicles remain safe. The Colac project had two points of installation along a gravel road to help prevent vehicles from speeding, a previously common occurrence. As the road is in a local traffic area where children may be present, the speed limit is 40kph and it is vital to ensure vehicles stick to this; as vehicles approach the boom gates, they will slow down in anticipation.

Thus, the AB-DBA-900A boom gate is a great solution to help reduce speeding, car collisions , and possible pedestrian accidents. The solar powered system includes IR (infra-red) sensors on either side of the gate that trigger the boom arm to rise and fall, forcing cars to reduce their speed to ensure that the boom gate lifts to allow them to pass.

Solar powered boom barrier system IR sensors

The AB-DBA-900A doesn’t require any mains power. All of its electric needs are generated from the sun, making it the best cost-effective method for road security. The hardy powder coated steel finish of the boom gate also makes it low maintenance. The system is paired with supports for when the arm is closed, protecting it in weather conditions such as wind and heavy rain, strengthening its durability. 

Solar panel for solar powered boom barrier

In addition, the system provides you with complete access control and is connected to 4G networks and remotely managed from anywhere in the world to see battery levels, making it highly accessible and effortless to manage. This highly versatile system, therefore, is ideal for a range of locations, including caravan parks, tourist spots, car parks, and schools, as it will help to control access at any given time. 

This functionality can be seen in our other installation of the boom gate at the Park Ridge Primary School in Rowville, the City of Knox. This specific system was installed with an illuminated arm that can glow green and red to signal stop and go signs, an aesthetic and practical answer to low visibility and use throughout any hour of the day. Automatic access can be allowed to certain vehicles, such as staff cars or rubbish trucks. Our solar solutions are highly beneficial and do not compromise safety or protection. 

The AB-DBA-900A is also a Disability Discrimination Act system, featuring a warning safety lighting and siren, providing both visual and auditory signals to anyone nearby that the boom gate is in motion.

Installing our Solar Powered Boom Gate in a populated area, such as a school, will help to ensure the safety of children, families, and pedestrians near areas where there may be high traffic. However the system can also be used for asset protection as well as the safety of people. Large construction projects, such as the level crossing removals being conducted by the John Holland Construction group across Melbourne, could benefit from the automatic access that can be allowed to specific vehicles, preventing entry of unauthorised vehicles and people. Similarly, the solar powered functionality of the AB-DBA-900A makes it ideal for areas where electricity may not be readily and easily available, such as remote construction projects and remote mining sites. 

Solar powered boom barrier system

For a differing security solution, Australian Bollards also supplies and installs solar powered automatic bollards, a zero carbon footprint solution to protection against errant vehicles and access control. Our solar powered automatic bollards are made of corrosion-resistant yet aesthetically pleasing stainless steel, and can be fitted with pneumatic or hydraulic systems that drive the bollards to rise and fall to allow access to vehicles. The bollards can be fitted with Australian Bollards’ access control system, which allows for around-the-clock security and can be programmed for interchangeable time-frames to suit any unique needs. These solar powered automatic bollards are an ideal, more robust environmentally friendly solution to the security of locations and the safety of people, and are apt for a range of areas, from pedestrian streets to government buildings.

So regardless of whether you are a caravan park in Torquay in the Surf Coast Shire or construction projects in the Cities of Boroondara and Whitehorse, Australian Bollards provides the ideal, smart, solar-powered solutions to security and safety!

Keep it Green. Keep it Clean. Keep it Australian Made. 

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