W-Beam Railings - Life Saving Protection

A mother of two children who died in Queensland after the car they were travelling in ran off the road into a dam has joined Road Safety lobbyists and victims of tragedy in voicing the dangers of  deadly wire barriers. 

The deadly wire barriers have been banned and removed in the UK, Europe as well as other states such as Western Australia. 

Brandon Neilson, Principle Engineer and Director of J.C. Engineers said “there should've been a steel W-Beam Railing” there instead as they are the best in elevated and/or winding roads.



At Australian Bollards, we supply and install a variety of systems including W-Beam guard railings. 

The W-Beam Railing is Australian made and can be interfaced with guardrail safety barriers, W-Beam Railing. 

It is a flexible safety barrier system that protects lives and property by minimising damage to vehicles and their occupants by spreading the impact load to the next section, and withstanding heavy impact.

The W-Beam Railings are applied in car parks, gas tank protection zones, roadside application on Freeways and Highways as well as column and pole protection areas. They can be installed on curved surfaces without affecting its strength or safety.

This system is highly durable and is hot dip galvanised to ensure they are corrosion resistant and can be provided in a powder coated finish or be custom made based on specific requirements.

Available in a single, double or triple height for ultimate protection and safety, W-Beam Railings are engineered to save lives and minimise damages.

Keep it safe. keep it Local. Keep it Australian made.

For more information on W-Beam Railings, contact the team at australianbollards.com.au or speak to a team member on +613 9459 3488.

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