The Soft Approach to Hard Security

Security is about managing risk, whether the risk is theft, loss, destruction or injury. 

Traditionally methods of protecting infrastructure, people and surroundings tend to be big, bold and bland but they don't have to be.

Australian Bollards have a soft approach to hard security where bollards don’t just come in your typical standard range, but rather the option of several shapes, colours and sizes.

With materials ranging from timer, granite, concrete and stainless steel, soft approach bollards are concentrated on reflecting client aesthetics, whilst remaining a high-end safety solution. 

The products have been impact tested to ensure they are PAS68 compliant and prepared for security and counter terrorism purposes.

Especially popular with designers and architects wishing to enhance eco themes in their projects, the Timber Bollard uses the natural beauty of timber to attract and protect infrastructure.


Typically suited for marine and park environments, Australian Bollards’ solid hardwood timber bollards are available in a range of measurements and designs.

Previously, we have set up aesthetically pleasing bollards in stadiums, shopping centres, art centres, galleries, cinemas, residential, universities and more with the role of prevention and protection.

Located outside Victoria’s very own Chadstone Shopping Centre, our spherical shaped bollard takes a soft approach to hard security in a charcoal grey colour.

The granite bollard offers an aesthetically pleasing finish and maximum security against vehicles.

While a lot of work has been put into the aesthetic appearance of the bollard, a lot more work has been put into its strength.

The spherical streetscape bollard weighs in at one tonne. This ensures that it can withhold high impact collisions with vehicles. They have optional lighting and seating functionalities also.

Strategically placed on the corner of Collins and Spencer Street, Australian Bollards have installed VBIED Planter Bollards to protect the busy Media House from ram-raiding and terror attacks.

The VBIED planters weigh 500kg each and can be customised to client specifications. 


With a range of products and applications, Australian Bollards is always ready to help give you aesthetically pleasing, architecturally designed, functional, high-quality, strong and durable bollards.

We can help you implement any soft approach bollard that fits your requirements.

For more information on our Soft Approach Bollards, please visit our website at or call us on 9459 3488.

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