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Electric Vehicle Charger: One step closer to greener roads

With the Coalition, Labour, and Greens parties having big plans for the future of electric vehicles in Australia in the innovative fight against climate change, it seems that the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) throughout Australia will begin to accelerate. There are approximately 6,500 petrol stations in Australia, and so it follows that with the increased use of EVs throughout the country that there should also be an appropriate proportion of EV charging stations to serve their power needs. For this, Australian Bollards has several, sustainable options for an all around solution to environmentally conscious vehicles!

Our EV Power Booster is one option. A 22kW per hour charger with the broadly adopted CCS combo plug, the booster is ideal for quickly and efficiently charging the batteries of a wide range of electric vehicle brands. With a small carbon footprint that matches the environmental consciousness of those driving EVs, these boosters come with small LCD screens and interfaces that allow for the secure and controlled interconnection of the chargers and power network.

EV power booster 

The remote parameter setting means that you are able to turn the charger on in anticipation of vehicle usage and off when the vehicle has been sufficiently charged. This function makes the charger highly accessible and allows for the reduction of power wastage in scenarios where you might forget to turn the charger off! Available for both commercial and private use, our EV Power Booster comes with an RFID reader, allowing for strict control over who accesses the charger, perfect for home or employee car parks. Able to withstand direct sun exposure, high humidity, and up to 50 degree Celsius heat, Australian Bollards’ EV Power Boosters are a flexible and optimized option for both public and private electric charging needs.  

For commercial buyers who may want more of an advanced option, our selection of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are available. Coming in combinations of single and double sided screens that are either 43 or 55 inches, these charging stations are ideal for use in company car parks or petrol stations that want to diversify their offerings, but are also available for private use. The large interactive LED screen can have a versatile purpose, allowing customers to choose their type of vehicle before charging, but also able to display service information, news, and marketing messages. Similarly able to withstand up to 50 degree Celsius heat and maintaining comparable operational efficiency as the EV Power Booster, the vehicle charging station is made of durable and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel while also having a sleek, high-tech finish that makes it an attractive, seamless addition to any area. EV charging station image

Indeed, Australian Bollards’ EV Power Boosters and EV Charging Stations are the perfect answers to the power needs of the increasing number of electric vehicles on Australian Roads, but of course they are also highly susceptible to bumps and crashes from the very vehicles that they supply energy to. For added asset protection of our durable EV chargers, Australian Bollards has a wide range of bollards that can be supplied and installed for the safety and security of the chargers and those around them. Our range of fixed stainless steel bollards have an aesthetically pleasing look that match the sleek finishes of our chargers while also being durable and corrosion-resistant. Our stainless steel bollards’ sleek and seamless appearance makes them suitable for most areas, though petrol stations may choose from our range of petrol station bollards, which we have proudly supplied to petrol stations across Australia, including Caltex, United, Ampol, 7Eleven, Shell, BP and Liberty. Designed for petrol bowser asset protection, these bollards have an abrasion-resistant zinc coating that makes them optimal for the elements it may face in an open-area petrol station. 

As the government provides more incentives to purchase EVs in the fight against climate change, it is vital that people across the country are provided with enough charging stations to make this environmentally conscious choice. Australian Bollards has the sustainable, all around solution to the next step that we as a country are taking in transport. 

Keep it green, keep it clean, keep it Australian-made.

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