Tensile barriers - An orderly approach to voting

Stay safe this election day with tensile retractable belt barriersThe federal election, occurring in less than a month, will see millions of Australians flock to the polling booth to cast their vote for their choice to lead the country. The huge crowds that will congregate in these centres requires crowd control systems to ensure that queues are managed appropriately and social distancing is maintained. This is where Australian Bollards’ tensile retractable belt barriers can be used.

Standing at nearly a metre tall and coming in chrome (AB-BS900-63S) or matte black (AB-BS900-63B) finishes, our crowd control stanchions are the ideal solution to keeping social distancing with sophistication while also ensuring people advance throughout queues in an orderly fashion, especially when people may be impatient and in a rush, such as some might be during the country’s mandatory voting. Tall and sturdy enough to ensure crowd control, the sleek, minimal design of the barrier ensures it is appropriate anywhere and easily integrates to any environment. 

Tensile retractable barrier in use

The safety retractable barrier’s four-way connection point and easy assemblage and storage means that it is readily adaptable to any location, with a far-reaching three metre retractable belt appropriate for whatever expected crowd size, whether at large urban or small regional voting stations, Australian Bollards has the solution. Indeed, with a rubber base to prevent floor scratches, and durable against the elements, the barriers are apt for both indoors and outdoors, maximising their versatility.

Available for both purchase and hire, Australian Bollards can supply the belt barriers to locations that might require them just for the once-in-a-few-years federal election voting, such as schools, and those places that might use them for more.

Of course, though the polling stations of the 2022 federal election are a prominent place that our belt stanchions could be used, they are also ideal for all situations where crowd population and control and social distancing measures need to be taken, including banks, entertainment venues, restaurants, hotel lobbies, airports, festivals, shopping centres, and entryways. The number of situations where people queue and safety crowd control and social distancing is needed are varied and numerous, and Australian Bollards is able to provide the ideal solution to this with our tensile retractable belt barriers, especially when it comes to ensuring your vote is lodged!

Keep it safe. Keep it local. Keep is Australian made. 

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