Suitable Security - Fixed and Removable Bollards

A growing problem in the business world are ram-raids. Too many companies still do not consider security a priority. 


This is problematic and leads to poorly protected businesses, likely to be targeted for theft and damages. 

No business is safe from ram-raiding, at Australian Bollards we have the perfect solution to give you the confidence in your security system.

Our key operated removable bollards are designed to assist in protecting, combating and preventing Australia wide theft of retail, industrial, and commercial goods such as vehicles, plants, equipment, roller doors, retail entry/exit doors, office entry/exit doors, shop fronts, banks, automatic teller machines (ATM’s) and more by managing and blocking vehicle access.

Light, key lockable and a simple removal process, these bollards are user friendly.

Installed in various locations for several reasons and with many options to choose from in our bollards range, the fixed or flexible bollards are available in either standard yellow or a stainless steel finish to provide a sleek and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

We also offer a designer version of our bollards, featuring a 45 degree curve at the top of the bollard.

An installation of removable bollards was done at Frankston shopping centre at entry/exit points to provide a space between the road and pedestrians in order to create a safer environment for customers and staff. 

With Covid-19 taking Alfresco dining to the next level, fixed bollards such as the Energy Absorbing Bollard (AB-EAB) forms an ideal combination with our range of Pop-Up Street Furniture providing the ultimate solution to safeguard sidewalks and pedestrian walks.

These energy absorbing bollards are capable of halting vehicles weighing 1600kg while travelling speeds up to 60 kilometres an hour across work zones, low speed roads and high foot traffic areas to protect pedestrians.

Proud to work with businesses around Australia, Australian Bollards are committed to making the country a safer place. 

Keep it safe. keep it Local. Keep it Australian made.


For more information on removable bollards, contact the team at or speak to a team member on +613 9459 3488.


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