Street Furniture - Keeping Your Patronage Safe

Due to be completed by 2025, the Anzac Station is one of five new stations (Arden, Town Hall, Parkville and State Library), part of the Metro Tunnel Project which will be built to help relieve pressure on our public transport system.

The Metro Tunnel Creative Program; which is running alongside the construction of the Metro Tunnel project, is an initiative by the Victorian State Government to help increase the liveability of places surrounded by construction sites. 

Designed to enhance its local area and support residents, businesses and visitors, Domain Road Pop-Up Parks enhanced green spaces is a great place for family and friends to come together to relax and bring enjoyment to the community. This trial initiative that will remain in place for five months with the future of the park to be assessed from business, community and stakeholder feedback.

Australian Bollards, a division of the NJM Group designs, manufactures, delivers, installs and maintains a range of street furniture solutions, which further emphasises a soft approach to hard security as seen by our Concrete and VBIED Planter Boxes. This ensures the very best there is in asset protection, public security and our Street Furniture range.

Perfect for quick and effective deployment at a moment’s notice, pop-up street furniture delivers a soft approach to hard security. Ideal for public parties, street events, celebrations, sports games, markets or seasonal happenings, we can provide pop-up street furniture that suit the aesthetics and theme of your event.

Another VBIED solution Australian Bollards offers to help create a safe environment for pedestrians and shopfronts is our AB-EAB Energy Absorbing Bollards.  

These pedestrian and traffic safety bollards form an ideal combination with our range of Pop-Up Street Furniture providing the ultimate solution to safeguard sidewalks and pedestrian walks.

These energy absorbing bollards are capable of halting vehicles weighing 1600kg while travelling speeds up to 60 kilometres an hour across work zones, low speed roads and high foot traffic areas to protect pedestrians from hostile vehicles.

For more information on our range of products and services like our Street Furniture range or Energy Absorbing Bollards, please call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today.



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