Sliding and Swing Door Security Solutions


Australian Bollards is proudly introducing our latest developed product range; the Sliding and Swing Door System. 

This handy security solution is highly practical as this system is internally equipped with sensors and card readers where doors will automatically open (including double sliding/swing doors) before a person’s arrival. The door face will also open in the appropriate direction.

Highlighting its convenience, Australian Bollards Sliding and Swing Door System can be interfaced with fire services, and is user friendly for anyone, as this incredible solution is also compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (2005).

Australian Bollards Sliding and Swing Door System range is extremely reliable, suitable, and highly secure. Some features of this product include a microwave sensor, a smart touch panel, an infrared hand sensor, a digital access keypad, a safety beam (single/double), a wireless press switch, a key switch, a battery pack, a foot inductive switch, a wireless press switch, a glass clamp and an adjustable floor guide. 

Not only does the team at Australian Bollards manufacture and designs our standard Sliding and Swing Door Systems, we also customise these highly effective solutions to suite any architectural designs and requirements.

The door safe system also includes a DDA compliant remote control, allowing a disabled person to open the door at their own discretion. 

Our Sliding and Swing Door Systems can be used at a range of locations including office buildings, stadiums, hospitals, high security areas, schools, universities, shopping centres, government buildings and many more.

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