Securing your bike with Ned Kelly Parkiteer Range

Australian Bollards Ned Kelly Parkiteer Range provides a variety of solutions that can help apply increased protection to local areas; keeping your bike safe and secure, and enhancing community safety. 

The Ned Kelly Parkiteer Bike Shelter is a Public Transport Victoria Service that helps you get around easily with secure bicycle parking at Victorian train stations. Whether you are riding your bike from home to work, or simply for leisure, our range of Ned Kelly Bike solutions allows for bikes to be stored in a secure, safe and convenient location. The AB-BS Ned Kelly Parkiteer Bike Shelter proves to be an efficient housing solution fitting up to 30 bicycles.

This highly practical solution provides public transport commuters with space-efficient and safe bicycle racks, guaranteeing the best protection and storage for cyclists. Paired with Australian Bollards the NK2000 Ned Kelly Bike Racks, Flat Top Bike Rack, Bike Repair Station and Hoop Top Bike Rack, the shelter provides the perfect economical and space friendly choice for cyclists. 

The AB-BRR850-GAL Flat Top, the AB-BRH850-GAL Hoop Top and the AB-BRNK-500 Wall Mounted bike racks are available in a galvanised, powder coated or stainless steel finish and are complaint with the Australian Standards AS2890.3 for Bicycle Parking Facilities. These are perfect for inner city locations including offices and residential areas, as they can be used in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. 

To finish off the Ned Kelly Parkiteer Bike Range, Australian Bollards AB-BRS Bike Repair Station is another solution allowing bicycle users a place where they can conduct maintenance on their bikes. 

The Ned Kelly Parkiteer bike shelters are weather resistant and perfect for hospital, universities, train stations, schools, residential properties and other various public locations. 

For more information on the Ned Kelly Parkiteer Range, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website. 

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