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It is no surprise that Australia is experiencing widespread climate change.


The nation's extreme weather means more bushfires, floods and droughts as well as danger in volatile conductive areas.

At Australian bollards, we are constantly adapting and innovating safety solutions that protect our clients, their staff and the public.

Our non-conductive bollards (AB-CRM1500-NC) are ideal for installation in construction zones, railway tracks, substations, factories, warehouses, and many other industrial environments.

The bollards aid workers and pedestrians, highlighting the location of electrical wires, dangerous zones while handling the heat from electrical or natural sources.

AB-CRM1500-NC Bollards are sub-surface mounted with an 89mm diameter made with non-conductive materials.  

This means they are safer due to their high heat-resistance.

Non-conductive bollards are also corrosion-resistant, and up to 75% lighter than steel products, providing extra safety without compromising on strength or rigidity.

Industrial environments and buildings can generate a lot of heat without the added effects of weather changes and conditions.

Providing turnkey solutions for your business, the non-conductive bollard is the product combining strength, durability and versatility.

Designed and developed to complement our range of safety solutions, Australian Bollards offer you the solution to circumstances that are destructive, chemical and laden.

With the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures while maintaining the integrity of the bollard, AB-CRM1500-NC Bollards offer peace of mind and security that other products simply do not.

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Keep it safe. keep it Local. Keep it Australian made.

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