Safe and Secure: Protecting Circular Economy at Vic CDS

As the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme (Vic CDS) becomes an integral part of the state’s recycling infrastructure, the protection of collection points is paramount. These centres, located across metropolitan and regional areas such as Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, and Warrnambool, are essential hubs for recycling efforts. Ensuring their safety from threats such as unauthorized access and accidental collisions is critical. Australian Bollards, committed to sustainable development, offers an array of high-impact bollards designed to safeguard these sites effectively. Our bollards not only protect the physical infrastructure of these centre’s but also ensure the safety of the people who use them. Through sustainable manufacturing, we contribute to the circular economy and create a safer environment that fosters public trust and encourages participation in the recycling initiative.

Anti-Ram Raid Access Control Removable Key Lockable Bollard - AB-CDKL90-Y

The AB-CDKL90-Y bollard offers high-impact energy absorption with a key-lockable mechanism, providing exceptional security for high-risk areas at Vic CDS collection points in locations such as Geelong, Torquay, and Lara. This bollard's key-lockable feature allows for controlled access, making it ideal for managing authorized access to ensure the safe collection and transportation of recyclable materials and  Its safety yellow powder coating ensures high visibility .This versatile bollard is effective for securing commercial and industrial entry points, retail fronts, and high-risk zones, ensuring the safety and security of valuable assets and infrastructure. The AB-CDKL90-Y’s ability to be both secure and adaptable makes it a preferred choice for high-traffic areas where flexibility and robust protection are required. By safeguarding these collection points, Australian Bollards helps build a stronger circular economy and protect families who come to use these centres.

Anti-Ram Raid Access Control Removable Pad Lockable Bollard - AB-CDPL90-Y

The AB-CDPL90-Y bollard is a formidable defence against accidental vehicle encroachment, making it an ideal choice for Vic CDS centres in urban and suburban areas like Melbourne’s CBD, Richmond, and Carlton. Engineered to absorb high-impact energy, this removable bollard features a pad-lockable design that allows for easy removal, when necessary, while remaining secure when in place. Its bright safety yellow powder coating enhances visibility, ensuring it stands out in high-traffic public spaces, roadways, driveways, and parking areas. The AB-CDPL90-Y is suitable for protecting commercial roller doors, retail and office entry/exit points, and ATMs. This bollard’s versatility and robust design make it an excellent choice for safeguarding vital collection points from unauthorized vehicle access. By implementing these bollards, Australian Bollards ensures the protection of the infrastructure and the individuals who visit these centres, supporting the safe and efficient operation of the recycling process and contributing to the sustainability efforts of the state.

High Impact Energy Absorbing Bollard - AB-HI90

For maximum security, the AB-HI90 is the bollard of choice. This heavy-duty, fixed subsurface-mounted bollard is designed to protect critical infrastructure from accidental damage. Ideal for high-security areas such as Vic CDS collection points in Ballarat, Bendigo, and Warrnambool, it offers robust protection for wash bays, high voltage transformers, and other utility appliances. The AB-HI90 is available in yellow powder coating, enhancing its visibility and deterrent capabilities. Its ability to absorb high-energy impacts ensures that critical infrastructure remains safeguarded, providing peace of mind in areas where security is paramount. This bollard’s robust construction and high impact resistance make it indispensable for protecting essential public and private assets.

By using Australian Bollards' AB-HI90, we ensure that these crucial recycling hubs remain operational and safe, supporting the state's circular economy and protecting the families and individuals who rely on these services.

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