QR Code System - Your passport to a Corona-free zone

First developed in 1994, a QR code, also known as a type of matrix barcode, is a machine-readable optical label containing information about businesses or individuals.


Australian Bollards QR code system has been developed and generated to help businesses keep record of clients and customers who visit their companies. Not only does this system help keep records, but the QR code promotes engagement and interaction, allowing for essential information to be transferred to individuals or businesses through the use of mobile phones.


Known as a ‘Quick Response’ code, this 2D matrix code is designed by storing large amounts of data that must be decoded at a high speed using any handheld device such as a phone. Providing high data storage capacity, fast scanning, omnidirectional readability, and even error-correction, the QR code is a highly functional and innovative system. Ultimately, the QR code popularity continues to grow rapidly with the growth of smartphone users.


Melbourne’s restaurants are the perfect example of how Australian Bollards QR code system can be implemented. A division of NJM Group that has been designed to enhance local areas and support residents, businesses and visitors; using the QR code system ensures businesses can receive important information efficiently. For example, a restaurant may have a QR code on the table ready for you to scan. By using a mobile device, customers can open their camera app and use it to scan the code. Customers will then be directed to a page where they can enter their details, which will directly be sent to business owners.


In the event of an emergency situation such as a covid-19 outbreak, this important and highly practical solution allows for businesses to look back at the date customer visits and contact them via phone or email.


The most interesting and incredible part about this unique piece of technology is how QR codes are often used to contain web information and links that can be directly sent to Smartphone users  


NJM Group offers our Tensile Retractable Belt Barriers, helping to keep corona virus at bay and with this you will receive a free QR code service. By practicing social distancing and continuing to follow the rules implemented by the Australian Government, you can receive free service for your business.


At Australian Bollards we care about public safety and public health.


For more information on our QR code systems, contact us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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