Public Safety for the Australian Grand Prix

To those who may be unaware, it’s time for the Australian Grand Prix to take place. Founded in 1928, the Australian Grand Prix is a motor race held annually under contract to host Formula One until 2025.

This year, the Australian Grand Prix will be hosted at Melbourne’s Albert Park over the course of three days in mid-March.

The provision of high quality products manufactured by Australian Bollards is guaranteed; and with hundreds set to attend the event, our teams number one priority is ensuring the safety of the public.

The perfect temporary total leasing solution for public safety at the Australian Grand Prix would be Australian Bollards event bollards. Ideal for events such as public parties, street events, sports games, celebrations, markets or seasonal happenings, the community is guaranteed to be safe at all times.

What makes this bollard even better is that it can be manufactured to suit the customers needs. Whether you are in need of something elegant, fun, simple or something completely different, we can help you choose different options that suit the aesthetics and theme of your event. 

We have a range of sphere bollards that you can choose from, or you can have a talk with our sales team to develop a customised design. 

Our event bollards are a soft approach to hard security, and are a popular choice due to their elegant and unique design. They include a propriety security insert to make them even more impact-resistant than other similar bollards. This makes them safer than other bollards, as they can’t be moved, and won’t budge if hit by a car.

Event bollards are made to be installed at a moment’s notice and can be quickly removed afterwards or kept around to provide lasting security. 

If you want to make your event bollards even safer, you can also add lights. This is perfect for night time events, and can make a big difference to public safety. In instances where bollards are located close to traffic such as on street corners, lights will guarantee the bollards are seen by drivers. 

Event Bollards by Australian Bollards is a total leasing solution offering expert advice, site surveys and installation by our in-house installation team as well as deployment at a moments notice. 

Another great solution for the Australian Grand Prix is Australian Bollards IR Thermal Detector Range. 

The IR Thermal measures one’s body temperature. Our range of thermal detectors features the AB-2200, AB-2300 and the AB-H88; which are the perfect health and safety security solution. Given the current state of the world’s health due to the coronavirus, with both the number of people who have been infected and killed, this product will make an extremely important addition to any event.

The thermal detector range also helps to keep staff, workplaces, transport stations, terminals, sporting facilities, and correctional facilities safe. 


For more information on our event bollards and IR thermal detector range, please contact us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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