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Located at 350 Bourke St, Melbourne’s General Post Office (GPO) was once the centre of the city’s postal service, where thousand of letters were received and sorted. However, the building is now a much loved modernised retail centre featuring Venetian style dining on the colonnade. The retails inside the building include Absolutely Altered & Tailored, Larsen Jewellery, and H&M, which occupies three levels of the building. The GPO is also home to Alto Events Space, which can be booked for functions, weddings and parties. It also features four restaurants including Ca de Vin, Federal Coffee Palace, Gekkazan and Mama’s Buoi. 

Recently, Australian Bollards and Australian Handrails have had the pleasure of installing both stainless steel floor and wall mounted Protective Kick Rails inside Melbourne’s GPO, adding extra security to the building.

Supplied with turned down tubular ends supports, our floor mounted guard rail features a circular baseplate and countersunk fixings.

The floor mounted baseplates can be surface mounted or bolted to the subsurface below the poured floor, meaning the baseplate can be installed inside the ground. We provide cowls as an extra option, as well as a hidden sleeve fixing option. 

The wall mounted guard rail is typically supplied mounted on flat bar posts, making it the perfect alternative to and or complement existing wall guards and corner guards. 

Our wall mounted guard rail is typically used when surfaces are not suitable for floor mounting, and are designed to protect items such as partitions, walls, insulated wall panels and masonry walls from trolley damage, mobile bin units, pallet trucks, and other forms of wheeled traffic. 

Ideally, wall mounting is a practical solution when you have a vacuuming, cleaning and polishing clearway under the rail, providing access right to the corner of the wall and floor, where upright mounts would otherwise be in the way. 

The protective kick rail protection range is Australian-made and is custom manufactured. The range features alternative styles of crash rail bumper guards which can be manufactured to suit all types of column castings. This includes custom made and made to order to standard circles and squares. What makes them practical is how they provide the correct solution of wall protection, based on your specific requirements. 

For more information on our guard rail range, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website. 

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