Protecting Tourist Locations with HVM Solutions

In January 2017, a car deliberately drove through a high foot traffic area along Bourke street in Melbourne CBD. The attack killed six people and seriously injured twenty-seven people. This threat was a wake up call for places all around Australia to take an immediate action towards protecting public and tourism areas.

With this scenario in mind, Australian Bollards have installed hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) systems along public and tourist areas to provide a solution to prevent a similar attack from happening again. In the past, Australian Bollards have supplied and installed HVM solutions at Byron Bay in NSW, on the Gold Coast in QLD and in Mornington in VIC.

Centurion Sliding Bollards (AB-MRS370-PAS68-IWA14-3) that we supply can be installed as a shallow mount system, meaning there is no excavation required. These bollards act as a protection barrier against hostile vehicle attacks and vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED). Even when closed they still permit constant pedestrian movement and enforce access control for authorised vehicles only. These bollards are a quality solution for any location that needs a high security protection.

Another form of HVM is our Fixed Shallow Mounted Bollards (AB-2.5T-64KPH) (AB-7.5T-64KPH). These bollards enforce public safety in populated areas such as, tourist locations, beaches, dining areas and footpaths without compromising access. Their design protects people and deters hostile vehicles and other threats away from high foot traffic areas, creating a safer environment for people and workplaces. Both the AB-2.5T-64KPH and the AB-7.5T-64KPH bollards can stop a vehicle, travelling at 64KPH, from ramming into a area - making them the perfect solution to protect your community.

To protect any public area, the appropriate safety solution needs to be in place to ensure that safety comes first. Our Telescopic Bollards (AB-TRB-900S) are able to protect property and stop vehicles while still allowing access due to its retractable feature. They are able to slide into the ground to allow authorised vehicles to pass through while still protecting pedestrians.

Similarly, our Centurion Road Blockers (AB-CRB6.8T-80KPH-M50) are the perfect solution for any busy public area. They are used against hostile vehicles that can be installed in high security places such as, government buildings, but can also be used in tourism places to ensure the safety of people. However, our Road Blocker System will only allow authorised vehicles to enter a certain area when the road blocker is electronically lowered downwards. This provides a great level of protection to deter any hostile vehicle or attack.

Public safety is always at the forefront of Australian Bollards’ mind, and with the above products our HVM solutions will ensure a high level of security in any highly populated location. All the bollards and products mentioned that we supply are also engineered in accordance with IWA-14.1 standards and are PAS68 compliant.

Australian Bollards’ range of  HVM solutions are perfect for community places, like tourism spots. Ensure your tourism areas and workplaces are protected with our quality products that we have to offer.


Keep it Safe. Keep it Local. Keep it Australian Made.

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