Protecting North-East Link construction with EABs

North-East Link Construction

The North-East link, called the “biggest ever investment in Melbourne’s north-east”, is currently one of the largest ongoing projects in the city. Upgrading 15km and constructing 11km of freeway, there are ten ongoing works in Balwyn North, Bulleen, and Watsonia related to the project, though many more are sure to come with an estimated completion date of 2027. With so much continuing and future construction occurring so close to busy roads, the safety and protection of workers and the development of this critical infrastructure from errant vehicles is of the utmost importance; Australian Bollards’ energy absorbing bollards (EABs) are the solution for people and asset protection.

Removable for ultimate flexibility and convenience, our EABs are ideal for the numerous future construction projects of the North-East link that will continue throughout the next five or more years. The removable feature of the EABs means that the bollards can be easily installed when works begin, removed when they end, and transferred to the next new site. 

EAB and screen

The sub-surface mounting is the feature that grants the bollards energy absorbing abilities, with the bollards being mounted in cartridges filled with VVH Grade Polystyrene foam. This attribute of the bollard means that not only is the site, its assets, and its workers protected from errant vehicles, but the occupants of the vehicle are better protected themselves in the event of a crash, with the bollards designed to decelerate vehicles to a safer stop and safeguard against any possible fatalities. 

Further, Australian Bollards can provide and install a range of EABs that are able to stop cars traveling at a range of speeds, allowing all construction sites that will commence throughout the various roads of the Northern and Eastern suburbs to be adequately protected. The EAB 65, able to stop a 1.7 tonne vehicle traveling up to 65 kmph, would be well suited to the site around Kampman Street and the Eastern Freeway Entry ramp, while the EAB 40, able to stop a 1.6 tonne vehicle traveling up to 40 kmph, would serve the closure between the smaller Devonshire and Greensborough roads. Australian Bollards can provide the solution. 

North East Link artist impression

For even more comprehensive protection of these construction sites, such as those that will occur in more high-traffic and high speed areas, fitted mesh screens can be provided. Australian Bollards’ screens are designed to be combined with our EABs to form a barrier, creating a robust safety solution that also provides enhanced security to construction sites. Able to be customized to suit your unique requirements, the screens are removable, meaning flexibility does not need to be compromised for further safety and security. 

Australian Bollards has provided and installed bollards and screens at construction sites across Australia, ensuring people and infrastructure have been sufficiently protected against the dangers that errant vehicles can bring. The North-East link is Victoria’s biggest road project, and it is vital that those that work on it and valuable assets are protected to ensure that this critical infrastructure can be developed; Australian Bollards is able to supply and install what is required to ensure this project is protected to completion.

Keep it safe. Keep it local. Keep it Australian made.

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