Protect your Assets with Australian Bollards

In the business world, an asset is anything you may own that can be used to produce a positive economic value, so why not protect it ?

Unfortunately, some business owners are unaware of all the potential risks that can harm their business and the options they have to protect their property and equipment.

If you haven't already put an asset-protection plan in place, don't wait.

Here at Australian Bollards, we have made the process of protecting your assets from physical damage simple.

Our products are inclusive of high impact bollards such as the My Space Bollard (AB-TLB90 Y/S) and Energy Absorbing Bollard (AB-EAB) are manufactured as the ultimate asset protection option.

The My Space Bollard protects your investment and allows you peace of mind by eliminating the possibility of unwanted guests or damages.

They are conveniently key lockable, fully removable and designed with customer needs a priority with easy installation and user friendly operation.

AB-TLB90 Y/S Bollards are available in Stainless Steel and a Safety Yellow powder coat. Both options are fitted with a branded reflective tape.

Additional mounting base plates are a customisable option that enable you to store the My Space Bollard securely when not in use.

In the case of multiple AB-TLB90 Y/S bollards all the units can be keyed alike for ease of operation.

Located in Mt Martha Victoria, a Kraft-wärme-kopplung infrastructure is protected with My Space Bollards.

The Kraft-wärme-kopplung structure is a power station used to generate electricity and useful heat at the same time.


Much like the My Space Bollard, the energy absorbing bollard is designed to protect assets.

Manufactured to a TL-0 containment level, these bollards are capable of halting vehicles weighing 1700kg while travelling speeds up to 65 kilometres an hour across work zones, low speed roads and high foot traffic areas.


The AB-EAB has both a fixed and removable optional available. 


Installed in a sub-surface mounted fashion, the Energy Absorbing Bollard is a one metre tall and comes in a galvanised steel and powder coated finish.

 The bollard is compliant with the road safety barrier systems and device standards in the AS/NZS 3845 which was formed in 1999.     

When you are looking to protect critical infrastructure, public transport hubs, tram stops, busy intersections, construction sites, loading docks and general asset protection or are just looking to upgrade your public bike storage parkiteer, schools, universities, or even your home, the My Space and Energy Absorbing Bollards are your best protection option.

For more information on our high impact asset protection options, contact the team at or speak to a team member on +613 9459 3488.


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