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Owning luxury vehicles, boats, caravans can attract all kinds of attention, both good and bad. 


The Australian luxury market shows stable growth and is anticipated to reach A$3 billion in revenue by 2024-25. 


Markets are in a transformational phase due to the response to COVID-19 and as a nation we have one of the highest portions of disposable incomes ready to be spent on luxury items for self-betterment


Protecting your luxury items and collectables is not a difficult task for the team at Australian Bollards.


We cater for situations as unique as your preferences, so all our solutions are customisable to suit your needs to ensure nobody gets their hands on your pride and joy. 


Just recently, Australian celebrity cook Kim McCosker has called on the state government to impose tougher sentences after three of her luxury cars were allegedly stolen.


To avoid your own run-in with juveniles, our heavy duty key operated removable bollards (AB-CDKL90-Y) or our extra heavy duty bollards (AB-CDKL90-EHD-Y) are designed to assist in protecting, combating and preventing Australia wide theft of retail, industrial, and commercial goods.

The AB-CDKL90-Y and AB-CDKL90-EHD-Y bollards are tamper proof solutions and have a simple removal process, making them extremely user friendly.


Installed in various locations for several reasons these bollards are available in a metallic powder coated yellow.


A lighter version of the Australian Bollards heavy duty range is our light, key operated removable bollard (AB-WTKL140-Y/S) available in Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel or a Powder Coated Yellow to provide a sleek and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. 


By blocking unwanted vehicle access and preventing damages, the bollards are best installed at entry/exit doors, shop fronts, high risk areas and security zone protection points such as roadway access spots, driveways and garages.


Make sure all your hard earned assets are protected by calling +613 9459 3488 or visiting our website.


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