Practical Parking Solutions for Fitzroy Coles

Australian Bollards has recently had the pleasure of installing our Australian-made bollards inside the Coles underground carpark located at 95-103 Johnston St in Fitzroy. 

The Fitzroy Car Park features 121 parking bays, including a basement car park, levels 1 and 2 parking for Coles customers and a rooftop car park.

To ensure the highest level of protection possible, Australian Bollards has continued to work with Hub Parking and FAAC in providing the installation of the bollards protecting the ticketing machines. 

These companies have been the perfect partners to work with in providing ground-breaking and practical parking solutions for the Fitzroy Car Park. Hub Parking provides alternative parking solutions while FAAC operate to improve the quality of life and safety to customers.

These bollards can be used in many applications such as protecting wash bays, high voltage transformers, parking systems, car parking systems and other utility appliances. Featured in Australian Bollards signature safety yellow, this colour ensures safety and protection for all drivers. 

Australian-made and both anti-theft and anti-tamper, this bollard can be customised based on specific requirements.

Australian Bollards has previously provided and installed a range of our products at different car parks including Prahran Square and Prahran Market. As part of the $55 million re-development, Australian Bollards installed our EDS-43 (Electronic Display Solutions) screens last year displaying their casual car park rates and operating hours for car park users. 

The car park features a ZEAG ticketing machine that provides reliable and future-safe technology including barrier gates, parking columns, POS and automatic payment machines.

For more information on our bollards range, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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