Maintaining public safety by social distancing

As the Corona virus has quickly spread around the world, social distancing rules have been put in place to help keep the public safe. 

As some businesses still remain open, the practice of social distancing is vital to help slow down the spread of the virus. With these rules being put into action, social distancing in public means people must stay at home and only go out if it’s absolutely essential. This means keeping 1.5 metres away from others, avoiding physical greetings, using tap and go instead of cash, avoiding crowds and public gatherings, and practicing good hygiene. 

It is important to Australian Bollards that we provide the best quality products that will help keep the public safe, especially during this virus pandemic. 

To help manage and maintain public safety by social distancing, Australian Bollards has designed and manufactured the non-slip floor stickers to help assist the new 1.5 metre social distancing laws currently in place. These stickers are the perfect solution that can be used in shopping centres, cafes, airports, restaurants (takeaway) and waiting lines (e.g. Centrelink). 

During isolation, the use of non-slip floor stickers is extremely important as it will provide the public with multiple benefits. Not only is this product highly visible, but it aids in making people feel more comfortable when doing essential shopping. This sticker will also help to reduce anxiety of being in a public place, which helps to keep everything running as smoothly as possible, whilst also ensuring pedestrian control. It will also aid in making sure everyone follows the social distancing rules, benefitting the publics health and safety. And in turn, prevent the spread of the virus between both staff and customers.

Another solution Australian Bollards introduced earlier this year is our AB-GPS Tracker Anklets. This solution will help keep the public safe and secure from those who choose to go against the latest health regulations. Due to travel restrictions, the tracker anklets are a viable solution which will help our governments to keep track and monitor the locations of people serving 14 days of quarantine and self-isolation. 

NJM Group’s range of Infrared Thermal Detectors is another perfect leasing solution to help businesses keep their staff and customers safe during this time. By using any of our IR Thermal Detectors in the AB-H88, the AB-2200, and the AB-2300, the spread of the virus affecting thousands of people worldwide can be contained. These sensors detect and provide readings of body temperature and thermal heat patterns within a person. Ultimately, providing public safety at a moment’s notice across various locations including schools, hospitals, universities, construction sites, airports, terminals, transport stations and correctional facilities.  

For more information about our non-slip floor stickers, AB-GPS tracker anklets and IR thermal detectors range, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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