Maintaining public health and safety


Our day-to-day lives are rapidly changing, including our interactions with people and places. As we are now entering second stage restrictions, adopting social distancing and other measures as one of the fastest ways to stop the spread of the coronavirus must continue.

Australian Bollards is committed to providing a range of high quality products and services that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. 

Australian Bollards AB-BS900-63S Tensile Retractable Belt Barrier Range is the most effective and innovative Australian-made solution in helping fight against COVID-19. 

The tensile barrier is one of our many latest developments, featuring a stainless-steel brushed finish that builds sophistication to social distancing by acting as a protective barrier. The barriers help to isolate areas during essential activities and events, where they can easily be assembled and stored away when not in use. 

Australian Bollards tensile barriers are a security system that are ideally used for shopping centres, banks, cafes, entertainment venues, airports, universities, lounges, bars, restaurants, entryways, hotel lobbies, galleries, cinemas, sports arenas, function centres, and other buildings that require queue management.

Another feasible solution in this range is our AB-SD-600 Social Distancing Non-slip Floor Sticker. Helping to keep corona virus at bay, this ideal solution helps assist Australians with practicing the 1.5 metre social distancing laws, which is viewed as extremely crucial during the current stage of restrictions. 

The 600mm sticker provides ultimate pedestrian control and is highly visible, helping to enhance commuters shopping experiences. Ensuring and promoting a more secure and comfortable environment, this product can be implemented inside shopping centres, cafes, airports, restaurants and waiting lines.

Australian Bollards also manufactures and sells the AB-H88 IR Thermal Detector, which is a public health and safety security solution. Perfect for managing your customer and team’s healthy and safety, this incredible solution can be used at places including a remand centre, correctional facilities, staff, business’, workplaces, airports, schools, transport stations and terminals. 

The AB-H88’s high level of security can detect heat patterns, and can be used at building front entrances, allowing temperatures of staff, team members and other individuals to be scanned as they pass by. 

These range of products are highly essential in providing the public with multiple benefits which ensure as minimal contact as possible. 

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