Keeping your pool compliant

Designed to be enjoyed by everyone, swimming pools can pose an unintentional threat to people if not kept secured. This is because some pool areas may remain non-compliant, which may cause incidents such as tripping, slipping or falling.

As more Australians are installing and using pools in their backyards, it is crucial that compliant fences are placed to ensure all unsupervised access is prevented. Australian Pool Fencing by NJM Group have devised a solution that keeps your family safe, and keeps your pool area compliant. 

As of 1 December 2019, new laws to improve swimming pool safety came into effect in Victoria, introducing new registration, inspection and certification requirements for property owners.

If you have non-compliant fencing and want to change your fence, or are someone who is looking for a compliant solution, Australian Bollards has designed a practical solution to help transform hundreds of pool areas around Australia, that are compliant with the safety laws. 

Designed to be extremely reliable and stylish, our pool and glass fencing range is the most secure option for outdoor living spaces. 

Having glass makes an excellent swimming pool fence material as it serves two duties. Firstly, the glass restricts access, preventing children and pets from entering the pool area whilst unsupervised. And secondly, the glass provides you with a clear view of your pool surroundings, and makes it hard for a person to climb over.

The regulations in Australia means the height of the fence must be at least 1200mm, the maximum gap from the ground to the bottom of the barrier is 100mm, pool gates should self-close from any position, the latching device height should be at least 1500mm off the ground, and the pool gate should open outwards. However, there are a few different regulations in each Australian state that also apply. And all Australians who own a pool must obtain a swimming pool compliance certificate.

In-compliant pool safety standards.

People often make mistakes by installing fences with gates that open inwards, have the incorrect barrier fence height, the mis-placement of trees, hedges or raised garden beds, a barrier incorrectly installed on a sloping or stepped ground, or pool barriers that cannot functionally comply with the correct laws and regulations.

In-compliant pool safety standards.

Our glass and pool fencing range combines luxury, beauty, design and safety into a modular system that has been designed to meet all Australian Pool Safety Standards, while easily accomodating your installation plans.

Not only is Australian Pool Fencing glass fencing Australian-made, but it is reliable, durable and attractive. Using a blend of premium materials, the glass fence includes posts that are offered in stainless steel, and range in different colours and materials. 

The glass and pool fencing can be used in external, coastal, residential and commercial locations. 


For more information on our glass and pool fencing range, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.


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