Keeping the Network Safe, Up and Running

Earlier last month, footage was released of light-rail near-misses to raise awareness that around three Australians die every week across Australia’s rail network.

In just Canberra city, there are near-misses with a car or pedestrian every three to four days.

This can cause problems for passengers, tram drivers, pedestrians and vehicles with near-misses seriously impacting their mental and physical health.

Australian Handrails, a division of the NJM Group, has the pleasure of manufacturing tram stop stanchions, as well as supplying and installing handrails for tram stops all across Melbourne.

The installation of stanchions and handrails helps to manage and protect not only pedestrians and drivers alike, but also ensures smooth traffic flow with disruptions caused by crashes or collisions is prevented.

Designed with a sleek curved satin or mirror finish and stainless steel edge, the AB-Stanchions are combined with handrails and horizontal wiring for a modern and iconic look.

In the heart of Melbourne, our free tram zone needs these fixtures to increase public safety and improve access.

Australian Handrails have also installed and manufactured handrails, stanchions and bollards at a station located in Melbourne’s East.

Capable of withstanding significant force, stanchions permit the enhancement of providing pedestrian safety.

Engineered and manufactured by Australian Handrails, Stanchions provide a safety barrier between oncoming traffic and passing pedestrians. 

For more information on our tram stop stanchions and handrails, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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