Keeping COVID-19 at bay with Raptor AI

NJM Group's Raptor AI is the perfect solution to your security needs through COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, providing an effective security presence without the risk of close physical contact between security guards and the public.

Current social distancing guidelines require a 1.5 metre distance between people to ensure there is no risk of spreading COVID-19. The Raptor AI can monitor your space for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for an in-person, human security guard, helping to ensure compliance with social distancing requirements and protect the health of your security guards and visitors. 

Trained security guards are able to stay safely away and remotely control the Raptor AI and see, speak and hear through it to ensure maximum surveillance. 

Additionally, the Raptor AI is able to collect data and store information including facial recognition, car registration numbers and wireless device detection to continue ensuring the safety of all.

For immediate protection, the units can also be equipped with our Securecloak smokescreen technology that will release non-toxic smoke and reduce visibility, while also sounding an alarm that will scare off perpetrators and attract attention, all within six to eight seconds of detecting dangerous or harmful activity. 

The Raptor AI boasts a speed of almost five kilometres per hour, a height of 158.75 cm and a weight of 180 kg.

You can stay connected to your Raptor AI through an operations centre connected to your device, here you can schedule a patrol, stream live video and audio from the unit, view analytics and much more. 

Through this system, you are able to set up geofencing, which will restrict the area that your Raptor AI can travel within- ensuring that you are always protected, exactly where you want to be. The Raptor AI will patrol only within this boundary and will be stopped and turned around if it tries to stray from this area. You will also receive alerts keeping you informed on your chosen area, and anyone who enters or leaves the space. 

NJM Group's Raptor AI security robots will keep your spaces, security guards and the general public safe in more ways than one through the COVID-19 pandemic and are now available for lease.

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