Keeping Commuters and Melbourne’s Streets Protected

Overtime, Melbourne has been known for its incredible heritage and historical buildings. However, after 108 years, the Palace Theatre’s time had come to end with the demolition of the building commencing earlier this year in late February.

As part of the new Metro redevelopment, Le Méridien Melbourne will be located at the front of the Bourke/Spring Street tram stop and a stone’s throw from Victoria’s Parliament Square. 

The newly renovated 12-storey hotel will be converted from the already existing low-rise building and will draw inspiration from both the brand itself and Melbourne’s light, airy and modern nature. This new building means more commuters will require access to the tram stop, where safety will need to be enhanced.

A company that prides itself on providing unmatched workmanship, reliability and excellence for all our clients, NJM Group has proudly partnered with Yarra Trams and ARA property services in providing extra security for tram stop 9 in Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Australian Handrails, a division of the NJM Group, has had the pleasure of manufacturing tram stop stanchions, as well as having supplied and installed handrails for the tram stop.

What makes tram stop stanchions so unique and trustworthy is how they are sturdy upright fixtures used to structurally support handrails and cables. Helping to manage and protect commuters at tram stops, the stanchions are made from  stainless steel and comes in either a mirror or satin finish.

The installation of these barriers is highly crucial to enhancing the safety of pedestrians, keeping them shielded from Victoria’s busiest roads.

Not only is the protection of pedestrians and drivers alike boosted, but smooth traffic flow is ensured, as disruptions by delays caused by crashes or collisions will be prevented.

As tram stop 9 is surrounded by various cuisines including red pepper, and the imperial hotel, not only will these fixtures increase public safety surrounding the tram stop, but commuters will be able to gain easy tram access due to the works at Metro.

Australian Bollards are the company to trust when it comes to high quality products and services.

For more information on our tram stop stanchions and handrails, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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