Illuminated Handrails - Lighting the Way

Australian Bollards are offering an innovative range of  illuminated handrails. We are a trusted source across many sectors of various industries in providing reliable and efficient safety infrastructure. 

Our experience in the field has seen our range evolve at the forefront of technology whilst maintaining a practical approach to installation procedures. 

This solution is manufactured in a stainless steel finish, developed for both internal and external uses including retail, entertainment, hospitals, schools, universities along with other high-end commercial, and residential fit-outs across Australia.

There are no downsides when it comes to illuminated handrails, not only do they consume less energy than your regular lightbulb and lower maintenance costs, they also have a reduced heat output.

Partnered with Australian Handrails, we are improving aesthetics and visibility with the lighted railing system.

The soft lighting provides enough illumination for safety and ambiance without being stark or overbearing and is built to withstand high-traffic use, making it a perfect solution for all our client needs.

We additionally offer conventional handrails.

Our range includes ramp handrails, safety handrails, stair handrails as well as the option of non-conductive rail systems. 

We have installed handrails at a number of locations including multiple train stations, tram stops and public spaces.

Contact the team at or speak to a team member on +613 9459 3488.

Keep it safe. keep it Local. Keep it Australian made.    

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