Gate safe: Your first approach to Perimeter Security

Australian Bollards has elevated the standards of security and functionality with its latest innovation: a boom gate with a retractable fence. This new product seamlessly combines the robust access control of a traditional boom gate with the added advantage of a retractable fence, extending the barrier's reach and efficacy. Designed to cater to both security and accessibility needs, the gate ensures a fluid transition for authorized vehicles while maintaining a secure perimeter. Can also be equipped with an LED display, the gate communicates key messages and warnings, merging security with smart technology. This state-of-the-art solution stands as a testament to Australian Bollards' commitment to advancing access control systems.

Advanced Mechanisms for Uncompromised Safety

At the heart of this boom gate's operation is a high-power 400W motor, which guarantees consistent performance and reliable functionality across various settings, including schools, factories, warehouses, and both industrial and commercial places. The motor's strength is complemented by adjustable speed settings, allowing the barrier to rise and lower within 8-10 seconds, thereby facilitating quick and efficient traffic flow crucial for busy entrances in educational institutions and manufacturing sites. Safety is further enhanced by a wave pressure switch that halts the fence's movement if an obstacle is detected, protecting against damage and accidents in areas with high pedestrian traffic such as school crossings and warehouse entry points. The gate also boasts optional features such as loop detectors, cementing its role as a guardian against unauthorized access while prioritizing the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians in sensitive environments like industrial complexes and commercial premises.

Dynamic Advertising: The Multifunctional Fence

In an ingenious blend of marketing and security, the retractable fence also acts as an advertising canvas, providing an excellent opportunity for displaying banners and signs in a variety of settings, from schools to commercial centers. This feature offers a unique advantage for businesses, educational institutions, and property managers to leverage their security infrastructure for brand visibility or to convey important information. For schools, it can serve as a medium to display celebratory messages or alerts, while factories and warehouses can utilize it for safety warnings or branding. The ability to display custom advertisements transforms a practical security feature into a strategic marketing tool, showcasing Australian Bollards' forward-thinking approach to multifunctional design. In industrial and commercial locations, this aspect not only enhances security but also contributes to the aesthetic appeal and communication strategy of the premises, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

Tailored Solutions by Australian Bollards

Understanding that every location has its own set of challenges and requirements, Australian Bollards offers custom modifications to ensure that their boom gate system meets the unique demands of each client. The length of the barrier arm, the height from the ground, and even the distance between the vertical bars can be adjusted for a perfect fit. The option for color customization and personalized banners allows for a boom gate system that not only provides top-tier security but also enhances the site's aesthetic and brand alignment. For those seeking a bespoke look, Australian Bollards can provide custom banners, ensuring that the final product is not just a gate, but a gateway to a more secure and branded environment.

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