Enhancing Urban Cycling: Ned Kelly Bike Range

Australian Bollards, Ned Kelly Bike Racks and Shelters offer a comprehensive range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of cyclists. From the versatile NK-2000 Wall Mount Bike Rack to the robust and spacious Parkiteer Bike Shelter, these products are designed with both security and convenience in mind.

Comprehensive Security: Ned Kelly Parkiteer Bike Shelter

The Ned Kelly Parkiteer Bike Shelter is the ultimate solution for secure and space-efficient bike storage, especially suited for public transport commuters. This shelter can accommodate and secure bikes, making it perfect for train stations, hospitals, universities, schools, residential properties, and other public locations. The Parkiteer Bike Shelter meets the stringent standards providing a safe and secure storage solution. Inside the shelter, Bike Repair Stations can also be made available and easily accessible, providing tools for simple bike repairs and maintenance. Offering the best protection and storage for cyclists, the Parkiteer Bike Shelter keeps bikes safe from theft and weather conditions. Its robust construction and user-friendly design make it an essential addition to any location where bike security and convenience are paramount.

Space-Saving Solution: NK-2000 Wall Mount Bike Rack

The NK-2000 Wall Mount Bike Rack is a versatile, space-saving solution ideal for various settings such as apartments, car parks, and educational institutions. Designed to be mounted on walls, metal railings, and barriers, this rack provides exceptional flexibility in installation. It supports bikes of all shapes and sizes, including those with mudguards, without damaging the frame or wheels. Additionally, the NK-2000 allows for a unique locking that secures both the frame and wheel, ensuring that pressure is not placed solely on the spokes. By installing these racks at staggered heights and 400mm apart, a large number of bikes can be stored in a compact area. Constructed from steel, the rack is available in a powder-coated black, Galvanized or stainless-steel finish making it a compact and effective storage solution.

Classic and Robust: Hoop Top Bike Rack

For those who prefer a more traditional bike rack, the Ned Kelly Hoop Top Bike Rack combines classic design with robust functionality. The hoop design provides full support for the entire bicycle frame, ensuring stability and preventing damage. Available in Galvanised or stainless steel, this rack is durable and weather-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor settings like office buildings, residential complexes, and social hubs. The Ned Kelly Hoop Top Bike Rack can secure two bikes at a time, and multiple configurations are possible, allowing you to maximize space and create visually appealing bike parking areas. Its timeless aesthetic and classic design make it a favourite among cyclists and property managers alike. With its sturdy construction and versatile installation options, the Hoop Top Bike Rack is a reliable choice for secure bike parking.

On-the-Go Maintenance: Ned Kelly Bike Repair Station

Complementing the bike racks and shelters is the Ned Kelly Bike Repair Station, a must-have for any cyclist. The station is equipped with all the necessary tools for basic bike repairs and maintenance, including Philip and flathead screws, Allen and box wrenches, and an air pump with a pressure gauge. Made from stainless steel, the Bike Repair Station is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and frequent use. Conveniently located within the Parkiteer Bike Shelter or placed separately, it ensures that cyclists can quickly fix any issues and continue their journey without hassle. This repair station not only enhances the functionality of bike shelters but also promotes a culture of self-reliance and preparedness among cyclists. By providing easy access to repair tools, the Ned Kelly Bike Repair Station ensures that bike users are always ready to hit the road.

With their durable construction, innovative designs, and commitment to security, Australian Bollards Ned Kelly Bike range are the perfect choice for anyone looking to keep their bike safe and secure. Whether you need a simple rack or a full-fledged bike shelter, we have you covered.

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