Energy Absorbing Bollards - Pre-emptive Safety

The Manningham Council is under extreme scrutiny after the Bulleen plaza has had three car incidents in the last week. 

After the most recent hospitalisation of a woman who was crushed outside a Templestowe Lower cafe, the community is calling for safety bollards to be installed across busy shopping strips to avoid any more potential threats.
The need for bollards to be placed in high traffic and pedestrian areas is vital in protecting and preventing the public and their assets.

Presenting the latest pedestrian and road safety solution at Australian Bollards, we offer energy absorbing bollards (AB-EAB) designed for areas experiencing high foot traffic so pedestrians are protected from hostile vehicles.
Designed to a TL-0 containment level, it is capable of halting vehicles weighing 1700kg and come tailored to client needs to stop vehicles travelling at either up to 20km/h (AB-EAB20) or up to 65km/h (AB-EAB65).    
The AB-EAB protects against hostile vehicles at your local shopping centre, cafes, schools, places of worship, government facilities or when you are looking at protecting your assets against ram-raiding.
Compared to other regular frontal impact bollards, the AB-EAB is designed to absorb not only the oncoming collision and protect pedestrians, assets or infrastructure but to also decelerate the car in a controlled manner, keeping the driver within the vehicle as they brace from the impact.
It is the benchmark bollard for tram stops, sidewalks and pedestrian walks Australia-wide in accidents as well as planned attacks. 

Installed in a sub-surface mounted fashion, the AB-EAB is a one metre tall and comes in a galvanised steel and a powder coated finish to provide an aesthetically pleasing touch.   

The AB-EAB is compliant with the road safety barrier systems and device standards in the AS/NZS 3845 which was formed in 1999.

Engineered to save lives the energy absorbing bollards are designed, developed, and manufactured in Australia. 
Contact the team at or speak to a team member on +613 9459 3488.
Keep it safe. keep it Local. Keep it Australian made.

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