Custom High-Impact Solutions: A Safer Shopping experience at Waterway Village


Enhanced Retail Safety at Waterway Village

In an era where safety and security have become paramount concerns, Waterway Village shopping centre has taken a significant step towards fortifying its protection. With the recent installation of over 50 high-impact bollards, the shopping centre has created a robust shield against potential threats. These high-impact bollards, including the AB-WT114-1200Y, AB-HI165-1600-Y, and AB-HI140-1300Y, are part of Australian Bollards specialized High-impact range designed and customised to the project needs and to provide comprehensive security.



The AB-HI165-1600-Y Bollard: Unmatched Collision

At the heart of this installation lies the AB-HI165-1600-Y, a bollard designed specifically to withstand high-impact collisions. This model is particularly crucial in areas prone to vehicular accidents or threats. The AB-HI165-1600-Y is an ideal choice for securing outdoor areas with gas cylinders or pressure vessels or car parks. This bollard is not your average security post; it goes above and beyond to ensure safety. It features a concrete backfill that not only enhances its strength and stability but also ensures its durability in the face of impacts. Additionally, a reflective safety tape and a stainless-steel cap are integrated, enhancing visibility during both day and night. The AB-HI165-1600-Y adheres to various safety and environmental standards, making it a reliable guardian against vehicular threats.




The Versatile AB-WT114-1200Y

The AB-WT114-1200Y is a heavy-duty, surface-mounted bollard designed to provide protection in various settings with heightened security. Primarily used in city car parks and restricted access areas, it stands as a formidable defence against vehicle-based threats. What sets this bollard apart is its customizability, offering tailored solutions to fit specific security needs, this surface-mounted bollard is a testament to Australian Bollards' commitment to versatile security solutions. As part of Australian Bollards' extensive product range, it serves a dual purpose of infrastructure protection and traffic management, making it a versatile choice for enhancing safety.




Unyielding Defense: AB-HI140-1300Y

Designed as a heavy-duty, subsurface-mounted bollard, the AB-HI140-1300Y is a stalwart protector of critical areas such as wash bays and high voltage transformers. This bollard is engineered to withstand extreme conditions and defend against vehicle-based threats. It seamlessly integrates into various environments, forming an essential part of Australian Bollards' suite of solutions for infrastructure protection. Its robust construction ensures that it remains steadfast in safeguarding vital assets. Its capability to adapt to diverse urban settings, combined with its robustness against vehicle-based threats, is indicative of its integral role in modern urban security strategies.




Customized Security Solutions and Comprehensive Product Range

At Australian Bollards, we're dedicated to tailoring security solutions to meet unique project requirements. Our recent installation of high-impact bollards at Waterway Village shopping center exemplifies this commitment, enhancing safety with customized, powder-coated green bollards that seamlessly blend into their surroundings. Beyond bollards, our product range includes versatile security solutions like boom gates, handrails, balustradings, and more. With innovation at our core, we adapt to evolving security challenges, safeguarding public spaces and ensuring a secure future for all.

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