Connecting Made Convenient with Intercom Bollards

At Australian Bollards we offer Stainless Steel Intercom Bollards (AB-INT-S) that complement any security system installed at the front entry/exit paths in any home, office or commercial facility. 

These intercom bollards can be designed, supplied and installed to meet clients needs.

 AB-INT-S can also be fabricated to accommodate a range of devices and appliances such as control points, help points, power outlets and more.

Our Intercom Bollards are also DDA compliant making them wheelchair friendly.

Most of the standard Intercom Bollards available are not limited to just audio and/or video forms of communication. Communication formats can also be in either analog or digital.

The user operates the Intercom through a headset or monitor attached to the Intercom. Once the authority is granted to the user, he can press the buzzer to release a door strike or electric locking device.

Installing an automated access system is a good idea to help upgrade your security. 


These systems usually require a person to identify themselves before they can be allowed into the property. Infused with cameras these systems aid in visual confirmation before any type of authorisation.


Another common reason why people install intercom bollards is the level of convenience that comes from its use.


Activation is possible with a simple push of a button and there is no need to be present at points of entry/exit to open or close the access barriers, doors, or gates.


At Australian Bollards, we provide high-quality products made with strong and durable materials, that will withstand all types of weather conditions. 


Keep it safe. keep it Local. Keep it Australian made.


For more information on Intercom Bollards, contact the team at or speak to a team member on +613 9459 3488.


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