Car Park Safety Has Never Been So Easy

The importance of car parks goes beyond just accessibility.

It is one of many places pedestrians and vehicles are forced to interact so the need to make them a safe space is crucial.

To save you the trouble of dealing with extensive damages and safety risks, Australian Bollards have a wide range of car park solutions ranging from Crash Barrier Systems, Wheel Stops, Speed Bumps and Height Bars.

Located at Whitehorse Civic Centre Car park in Nunawading, VIC, we have supplied the rubber wheel stops and rubber speed bumps.

Our Wheel Stops are the ideal solution for controlling the curb where it is inconvenient or hazardous to pedestrians. 

Constructed from recycled rubber, Australian Bollards’ AB-WS-1650 wheel stops are the economical, lightweight solution for controlling the travel of a vehicle into a parking space and preventing any obstruction or inconvenience to pedestrians. 

The Wheel stops are also available in a galvanised steel and the speed bumps are also available in a plastic material option.

Our industry standard AS2890 speed bumps to reduce speed and increase safety.

To decide which material is best for you, it is suggested plastic speed humps are well suited to high traffic situations with occasional heavy truck traffic, whereas rubber speed humps are best used only for low volume car traffic areas.

Speed humps are necessary to avoid inappropriate and excessive speed as it is one of the major factors contributing to crashes on Victorian roads. 


Australian Bollards range of Speed Bumps are easy to install to both concrete and bitumen. 

In most car parks, speed bumps are paired with Height Restriction Bars. 

These barriers are designed and installed to remind people of overhead low clearance height restrictions and also to prevent unauthorised access while protecting overhead edges and building structures from damage caused by trucks or other mobile equipment.

As with all barriers we manufacture, the Height Restriction & Overhead Entrance Way Warning Barriers are designed and built to be as a robust, sturdy barrier for the application intended.

In locations such as the Pop-up car park in Point Cook, Vic, our car park solutions are accompanied with flexible bollards.

Light, key-lockable and with a simple removal process, these bollards are user friendly, protecting shop fronts and unwarranted access.

We also have the option of fixed bollards which are sub-surface mounted for extra support in situations where the bollard does not have to be removed for access.

At Australian Bollards, we also offer the RHINO Crash Barrier System is Installed on a level slightly above the main road, its main feature is its W-Beam guardrail with an added handrail. 


The guardrail is crash tested to demonstrate compliance with AS/NZS 2890.1, and is hot dip galvanized and ensures maximum protection in our line of car park crash railing line of products.

The steel has the option of being powder-coated and can be configured to provide pedestrian fall protection (1100mm or 1300mm high).

These barriers are manufactured from high grade steel and are heat treated for strength and flexibility. This flexibility absorbs the energy during impact and offers a reduced risk of damage to the barrier, vehicle and structure.

Australian Bollards have installed this system at many locations including a shop and office precinct on  Main St in Emerald.

The RHINO Crash Rail System is an economical and effective solution for protecting properties including schools, childcares, hospitals, shopping blocks/centres, warehouses and many other applications where car park safety is a priority.

For more information on our car park solutions, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website for more information.

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