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Technology has come a long way and it is our duty as entrepreneurs, business owners and asset holders to keep up with the times.

With most businesses shifting their focus to digitisation and process streamlining, there has been an accelerating demand for automation management systems.

At Australian Bollards, we are committed to giving our clients innovative turnkey solutions to keep their businesses and assets safe.

All the automatic solutions offered by Australian Bollards are ideal for access control and protection of several locations and applications such as warehouses, residential areas, business parks, government areas, ports, high-class estates, pedestrian streets, airports, and so on.

Our automated safety range is DDA compliant, customisable and adaptable.

The most recent addition to the large range is the E-Bollard; a solution that replaces the standard cam lock key with an electronic key.

The greatest thing about automated bollards is the new technology involved. You are now able to track through an App to see who has logged in/out and check if the bollard is in up or down position.

If required, the bollards can also be manufactured with an inbuilt timer to go up and down at certain hours of the day.

These systems can be integrated into any of our existing automated solutions.

At Australian Bollards, our range of automatic solutions include automated bollards such as Pneumatic or Hydraulic bollards, Speed Stiles and automatic boom barriers.

Pneumatic Bollards (AB-PB168-900S) are designed to control access to a site with a high level of security, guaranteeing pedestrian access whilst blocking the area to road traffic. 

We supplied and installed Pneumatic Bollards (AB-PB168-900S) in Bay Lane to provide pedestrians, shopping outlets and alfresco dining restaurants the protection they deserve.

Our Pneumatic Automatic Bollards also are installed with illuminated lights, sirens and strobes which are designed to assist people with visual and/or hearing impairments, thereby making them compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (2005).

Hydraulic Bollards (AB-200-900S/CS) on the other hand, incorporate the most reliable technology for intense weather conditions and when the installation requires a considerable distance (up to 80 meters) between the bollard and control unit.

Like the Pneumatic Bollards, AB-200-900S/CS bollards have a wide range of optional configurations such as custom colours, flashing lights integrated into the head, intermittent sound signals, heat resistant installations, and much more.

We have supplied and installed our AB-270-900S Stainless Steel Hydraulic Bollards at Deakin University’s Burwood Campus. 

If you are looking to monitor pedestrian access, our SpeedStiles combine elegance and sophistication with the best technology to areas where aesthetic values, excessive flow and maximum reliability without compromising security.

By integrating access control devices, our pedestrian speed gates provide high security and capacity in one solution that effectively prevents unauthorised passage. 

The SpeedStiles are also available in extra wide versions that comply with Disabled Access requirements.

If you are looking for a car park barrier, the AB-DBA-900 boom barrier is a DDA compliant system featuring a warning safety beacon lighting and siren, making it easily visible at night.

Lights are red when closed and green when opened and the very loud warning siren as the barrier moves, aims to stop accidents from occurring in the night.

We are able to customise the boom barrier to meet client requirements, adjusting the size of the barrier arm and base, if needed and  the option of being a left- or right-hand boom arm.

For more information on our automated range feel free to call us on +613 9459 3488, or visit our website.

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