Australian Bollards has a wide range of ANPR security solutions and the ANPR camera bollard is certainly one of them. This vehicle access monitoring solution is mainly used in car parks, but it can also be used on freeways and toll roads. Its main function is to be an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system.

These bollards are customised in a powder coated or stainless-steel finish with black and Skidata grey the most commonly used colours. Australian Bollards is able to customise the ANPR security solution to the customers satisfaction.

The team at Australian Bollards are also able to custom manufacture the bollard to fit seemlessly with your ANPR camera. The most commonly used ANPR cameras are the Genetec Sharp V, Hikvision IR LED and the Dahua. The bollards can also be installed in a surface or sub surface mounted manner along with its main feature of being able to automatically recognise vehicles number plates. 

These ANPR bollards can house a network switch, a built in PC along with a UPS backup (Uninterruptible Power Supply), depending on the client’s requirements. The UPS provides backup power, this is when your regular power source fails or the devices voltage falls to an unacceptable level, UPS’ allow for a safe, orderly shutdown of a computer and ensure your connected equipment is protected. It also has an easy rear access to the equipment inside the bollard if required.

Our ANPR bollards can be installed at a range of locations including shopping centres and hospitals or at public, private and office car parks.

For more information on our ANPR security solutions please give us a call on us on +613 9459 3488, read this PDF or visit our website today.

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