Australian Bollards, Supplying Quality Solutions for Safer Railways

According to an Industry Capability Report, The Australian Rail Industry is the sixth largest network in the world, contributing over $26 billion to the national economy. 

At Australian Bollards, we are committed to keeping railways stations, and other critical infrastructure sites safe, secure, and protected. 

Our range of stainless-steel and Rail-X non-conductive handrails guarantee that pedestrians, employees, and site visitors are safe and secure in stairs, service platforms, walkways, factories, warehouses, train stations and other industrial settings. 

Our handrails vary depending on tube size and shape, however they can be custom built depending on client specifications. Additionally, the stanchions and balustrades work to enhance user safety at rail stations, they structurally support the handrails and are an essential safety feature, removing the risk of falling from raised heights. 

When protection against high impact collisions is required, our wide range of high impact Bollards are perfect for acting as a protective barrier at railway stations and car parks. These AB-HI140-1600Y/AB-HI165-1600Y Bollards are heavy-duty, subsurface mounted bollards and available in a bright yellow powder coated finish for visibility, which can be seen at Stop 6 on Russell St/Flinders St and Stop 29 on St Kilda Road. Australian Bollards also manufacture and install Disabled and Wheelchair Users Car Park Bollards (AB-HI165-1625Y0) as we strive to always offer safe solutions for non-able-bodied Australians. 

Similarly, you can avoid collisions and unnecessary damage with our range of Wheel Stops which are suitable for railway carparks. Our most popular being our AB-WS-1650 which is constructed from recycled rubber. Australian Bollards’ AB-WS-1650 Wheel Stops are the cost-effective, lightweight solution for restricting the travel of a vehicle into a parking space and avoiding any interference to pedestrians. Within our range of Wheel Stops we also offer Concrete and Galvanised Wheel Stops. 

Our Ned Kelly Bike Shelters are also perfect for railway stations as they provide easy and secure bicycle parking. With efficient space, and secure bicycle racks, the bike shelter is perfect for supporting and protecting public transport commuters. Our Flat Top Bike Rack, Bike Repair Station and either Hoop Top Bike Rack will work together to provide an economically ideal and spacious shelter for cyclists with safety guaranteed. 

With our products installed at Bentleigh, Hawkstowe, Cardinia and Lynbrook Stations, Nunawading Station and Laverton North Station Level Crossing Removal Projects, Australian Bollards has you covered. 


Keep it Safe. Keep it Local. Keep it Australian Made.

For more information on our range of products call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today. 

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