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The corona virus pandemic has filled the world with social uncertainty and has halted economic growth over the past few months.  

Although we are in uncertain times you can always trust Australian Bollards to provide its customers with the best there is to offer in asset security and public protection.

In these tough times it is important that our warehouses are adequately protected so they can continue help provide its products and services for customers when they need it the most.  

To keep warehouses secure from potential ram raid thefts, Australian Bollards has the solution with our range of anti-ram raid bollards.

The latest installment in Australian Bollards anti-ram raid range is the AB-CDKL90-EHD-Y. These bollards are tamper proof as they are equipped with access control key lock device and also provide high impact security at a heavy-duty level, helping prevent thefts and vehicle break-ins from occurring.

This key lockable removable bollard is a sub-surface mounted (core drilled) solution that is ideal to help safeguard warehouses such as those at shopping centers like Kmart, Big W, ALDI, Coles, IGA, Woolworths and Bunnings.

Our anti-ram raid bollards are installed at several locations across Australia where they help protect retail and office entry doors, office and retail shop fronts, bank shop fronts, Automatic teller machines (ATM’s) and warehouses.  

Australian Bollards can also customise this heavy duty solution to suite our customer’s needs.

Other products we manufacture that provide and enhance asset security for warehouses and other locations include the AB-DBA-900 Compliant Boom Barrier and the AB-RDK-S Roller Door Locks. Both these products complement our anti-ram raid range as they provide access control security by day and theft protection at night.

Service and quality has always been our philosophy at Australian Bollards and for over 25 years we have provided Australia and the world with the very best there is in asset protection and public security.  

For more information on our range of products and services, please give us a call today on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today.

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