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Anyone who lives in an apartment complex, or works in a multi-level building knows how vital communication can be.

Similar to the ones installed at the QV building, located at 222 Lonsdale St in Melbourne’s CBD,  Australian Bollards manufactures and offers a range of Intercom Bollards, which are a useful access control solution allowing people to communicate more easily.

Australian Bollards Architecturally Designed Intercom Bollards complement any security system, and are generally installed at the entrance of a building. Made from stainless steel in a satin or mirror finish, our intercom bollards can also be custom made to suit our customers requirements, and be installed in either sub-surface or surface mounted fashions.

The bollard is operated through a monitor which is attached to the intercom, where access can be granted to an individual at the press of a button. And most importantly, our standard intercom bollards include audio and video forms of communication, which are formatted in either analog or digital. 


This solution is convenient, highly effective and beneficial; as it provides different levels of communication and access control. This can help make life easier as it also caters for a range of customers, including those with disabilities. Our intercom bollards can be positioned at wheelchair friendly locations, which makes them easier to access, highlighting that our product is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) of 2005. 

These bollards can be fabricated to accommodate a range of appliances including intercoms, help points, control points, and power outlets. Australian Bollards can design, supply and install intercom bollards for you, for any type of controlled entry/exit paths.

Intercom bollards are most commonly found at high rise office buildings, rental units, multi-story car parks and universities.

Australian Bollards intercom bollards are NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) approved.

For more information on our Intercom bollards range, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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