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Accessible rail transport is vital for keeping communities connected and for strengthening the railway sector in Australia, which is why safety during construction is crucial.

At Australian Bollards we offer a wide range of products, which ensure the safety of workers at construction sites, alongside the protection of assets and critical infrastructure, such as Boom Gates, Energy Absorbing Bollards (EAB’s) and Screens.

Our AB-DBA-900 Boom Barrier is the perfect solution for securing and controlling entry and exit points for businesses, construction sites, railway stations. and warehouses, guaranteeing the control of access from unauthorised vehicles and pedestrians.         

The Boom Barrier operates via a turnkey solution, and can also be controlled by a remote, push button and other mobile applications which are compatible with iOS and Android.

Being DDA compliant, the AB-DBA-900 features a blue strobe light to enhance visibility for those who may be visually impaired and features an alarm which beeps when the device is in use.

Our Boom Barrier can be utilised across all hours of the day and is perfect for providing 24/7 security and protection from unlicensed visitors at important railway sites.

Gantries are also necessary during the building process and provide solid and temporary overhead protection at construction sites to keep workers and pedestrians safe.

Additionally, our Energy Absorbing Bollards and Screens are ideal for work zones and offer effective and functional protection and safety at construction sites.


Combining Energy Absorbing & Non-Deforming Bollards installed with a flashing light, and fitted screen mesh in between, this product is the perfect safety solution for railway projects.

Engineered to PAS68 and IWA14-1 standards, the Energy Absorbing Bollard can halt a 1.7 tonne vehicle travelling speeds up to 65 kilometres an hour, while also being compliant with road safety barrier systems and device standards in the AS/NZS 3845 (1999).

Our AB-EAB’s offer a unique approach to risk reduction due to the Bollards ability to absorb the kinetic energy radiating from the oncoming vehicle, allowing for a smooth and controlled stop.

This product minimises the force of impact and guarantees safety for all, including drivers, pedestrians, and workers.

The mesh screens can be powder coated, and both the Bollards and Screens are fully customisable and removable, allowing for flexibility when needed across sites.

At Australian Bollards, service and quality shape our philosophy which is why our team surveys the site prior to design to offer the most suitable approach for clients’ needs while maximizing safety and protection.

Having proudly partnered with the Level Crossing Removal Project, we have provided our products and services to major train stations including Bentleigh, Cardinia, Springvale, Laverton, Lynbrook, Nunawading, and Wyndham Vale.

For more information on our range of products and services, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today.

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