Australian Bollards - Protecting Supermarkets With Corner Guards

Considered as one of the busiest services in the world, Supermarkets are a frequently visited service by the public, and highly prone to expensive avoidable damages that add up. 

When it comes to high quality, Australian Bollards are committed to providing products and services that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations and industry standards.

Australian Bollards AB-SCG Stainless Steel Corner Guard is designed to protect store fittings from collisions with shopping trolleys and pallet jacks.

Featuring an integrated wrench for easy removal and safe rounded edges, available in either 12”, 18” or 24” inch, the AB-SCG provides maximum protection of store assets.

An effective method for protecting exposed corners and vulnerable equipment, fixtures and merchandise, Australian Bollards steel corner guards provides an uninterrupted service to their customers, as well as assisting in the reduction of repair and replacement costs from accidents that may occur.

Corner guards have an easy-to-clean stainless-steel construction, are available in three sizes and the legs can be adjusted for a precise fit.

Paired with Australian Bollards Supermarket Type – Wall and Surface Mounted Bump Rails, this incredible solution is the perfect alternative to complement existing Corner Guards.

Typically used for floor mounted surfaces, our Wall and Surface Mounted Bump Rails are designed to protect walls, partitions, insulated wall panels and masonry walls, from trolleys, mobile bin units and pallet trucks and other forms of wheeled traffic.

The wall mounted bump rail is also highly ideal for when you need to vacuum, clean and polish clearway under the rail, further highlighting how easy it is to maintain the product, helping reduce costs.    

Together, Australian Bollards corner guard and bump rail provide the ultimate solution for supermarket and retail product protection.

For more information on our stainless-steel corner guards and bump rails, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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