Australian Bollards - Practice Social Distancing with Expandable Barriers

Australian Bollards proudly introduces our new AB-EB3000 Expandable Barrier solutions. When it comes to design flexibility, exceptional value and high quality, Australian Bollards are committed to providing products that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

What makes this product the perfect social distancing solution is how the expandable barrier can be used to control the flow people going in and out of public places. The AB-EB3000 Expandable Barrier is a crowd control management system, enforcing pedestrian protection near train stations, shopping centres, car parks, supermarkets such as Woolworths and Coles, Bunnings warehouses, banks, airports, hospitals and the cinemas.

Highly ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this incredible solution expands to 3m in length and can be integrated as an interlock mechanism to help expand the barrier to greater lengths. What makes this product even better is that you can use three 3m barriers to interlock and create a 9m barrier. This will then seal off various entry/exit points such as walkways, stairways or elevators. This product can even be used for crowd control at events and venues.

The AB-EB3000 Expandable Barrier is an extremely valuable and practical solution that can be easily stored in compact areas and is maintenance free for all environments. This product is available in a powder coated red and white finish with high visibility.

Other products in a COVID-19 range include our Tensile Belt Barriers (AB-BS900-63S and AB-BS900-63B), AB-2200 IR Thermal Detector, AB-H88 IR Thermal Detector (Handheld), AB-TPU750-P Flexible Bollards, AB-GPS Tracker Anklets and AB-SD-600 Social Distancing Stickers.

For more information our expandable barrier range, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website. 

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