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Australian Bollards Introduces the solar powered boom barrier. These high-quality access solutions provide a more environmentally friendly approach with the boom barrier running entirely off solar energy. Solar energy is a safe and reliable alternative to normal energy and electricity. We can use the electricity to be able to light up our homes and street lights or to power machinery such as the boom barrier. They are also DDA compliant, they include a very visible warning safety lighting beacon system and a beacon siren, making it visible to see and hear.

The solar powered boom barrier does not require any use of electricity or power with all of its electric needs generated from the sun. It is a cost-effective method, the energy it uses is the cleanest source of energy in the world, and it comes at no cost.

Australian Bollard is able to customise the boom barrier to meet your exact requirements, we are also able to adjust the size of the barrier arm if needed. The feet of the base of the boom barrier is also able to be adjusted in case of an un-even surface.

The solar powered boom barrier is a vertical boom. With the option of being a left- or right-hand boom arm. The solar boom barrier is a perfect safety and access solution, especially for temporary locations. They can be used at building and mining sites and at short term events as they are able to be easily and quickly implemented when necessary and easily removed when required.

For more information on the solar powered boom barrier or our entire boom barrier range feel free to call us on +613 9459 3488, or visit our website.

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