Australian Bollards: Pioneering Secure Access Solutions

Our boom barriers are uniquely designed with automatic sensors and remote-control features to ensure a seamless operation while upholding strict security standards. They are DDA compliant, boasting high-visibility elements and auditory warning systems. Our barriers are versatile enough for various sectors, from schools, carparks, shopping centres, warehouses to governmental buildings, proving their adaptability in enhancing security and accessibility​​. And at Australian Bollards, we take pride in our implementation of a boom barrier systems at Thomastown, Bairnsdale, Colac and North Melbourne. These projects underscores our dedication to merging top-tier security with operational efficiency.

The Versatility of Standard Boom Gates Across Diverse Environments

The Uniting AgeWell Aged Care Centre in Box Hill and Deakin university in Geelong serves as a prime example of the adaptability and efficiency of our standard boom gates. These gates come equipped with illuminated arms and vibrant safety beacons, ensuring enhanced visibility and safety, especially during nighttime. The integration of anti-collision sensors and a sturdy magnetic lock fortifies the security aspect, making these gates a robust solution for diverse settings. Whether it’s aged care facilities, commercial complexes, or any other environment requiring secure access control, our boom gates demonstrate unparalleled versatility and reliability​​.

Adaptability in Confined Spaces: The Advantages of Articulated Boom Gates

Articulated-arm boom gates, particularly beneficial in underground car parks, offer a practical solution to common spatial constraints. These gates with articulated arm, are designed to manage access efficiently in areas with limited overhead clearance. Their articulated arm design is a key feature, allowing them to extend across wide vehicle lanes while accommodating covered car parks of various heights. These gates provide a balance of security, operational efficiency, and space optimization. The ability to handle high-traffic situations make them an ideal solution for managing access in underground parking facilities​​​​.

Embracing Green Solutions: The Impact of Solar-Powered Boom Gates

Our commitment to sustainability is epitomized by our solar-powered boom gates installed in Colac. These gates operate entirely on solar energy, making them a perfect fit for remote locations where traditional power sources may be unavailable. The use of IR sensors and durable construction ensures these gates are reliable under various environmental conditions. Their versatility is evident as they can be adapted to settings like schools, car parks, and construction sites, providing a carbon-neutral security solution without sacrificing safety or functionality​​​​.

Customization at Its Best: Tailored Solutions

At Australian Bollards, our approach is deeply rooted in customization. We understand that each project has unique requirements, and we strive to meet these with precision and innovation. From adjusting barrier arm lengths  and orientations to incorporating advanced technologies like LED lights and access control methods such as Bluetooth,Wifi, and Mobile app , we tailor our solutions to precise specifications. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of adding custom signage to our boom gates. Our commitment to providing bespoke solutions spans across various sectors, ensuring that schools, government buildings, and temporary event locations also available for lease or hire thus equipping with security solutions that are not just fitting but also trailblazing and efficient​.

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