Australian Bollards - Keeping You Safe During The COVID-19 Lock Down


It is two weeks since the state of Victoria went into a stage three lockdown to help contain the spread of the coronavirus but with 484 new cases confirmed on Wednesday, 403 yesterday and over 3000 active cases remaining in the state, Victoria has so far held off the decision to introduce stage four restrictions. 


As of 12:00am on Thursday morning, the use of face masks also became mandatory across the state to prevent a second wave of the virus. To combat the coronavirus, we have to a adopt different social distancing strategies and Australian Bollards COVID-19 Range has a number of quality solutions that will help keep people safe in these uncertain times.

Our first COVID-19 solution we offer comes in the shape of our AB-BS900-63S and AB-BS900-63B Tensile Belt Barriers. Our Tensile Belt Barriers are an ideal social distancing solution which can be applied to a number of locations. Useful for queues at shopping centres or banks, our Tensile Belt Barriers are able to direct and control peoples movement to create the required 1.5 metre social distancing laws. 


Our Tensile Belt Barriers come in either a stainless-steel chrome (AB-BS900-63S) or black matte finish (AB-BS900-63B), includes a four way connection point and is installed with a rubber base design to avoid creating scratch marks on surfaces.  A COVID-19 Range solution that complements the Tensile Belt Barrier is our AB-SD-600 Social Distancing Non-Slip Floor Sticker.

Like the Tensile Belt Barrier, the AB-SD-600 is a practical solution for any public place as it can be used as a visible marker or guide to provide pedestrian control and assist people in following the required 1.5 metres social distancing requirements which were implemented to help prevent and slow down the spread of COVID-19 by restricting contact.

The third product in our COVID-19 Range is our AB-H88 IR Thermal Detector. This handheld device is used to detect heat patterns and temperature readings of a person. The device operates at its optimal level when positioned one metre away from the individual to give a high accuracy temperature reading. With temperature being one of the symptoms of coronavirus, our AB-H88 IR Thermal Detector can help provide the high level of safety and security people need.

Much like the AB-H88, the AB-2200 IR Thermal Detector is also used to measure temperature but because of its height and size, it allows it to conduct full size IR body temperature scan. Operating as a walk through scanning device, the AB-2200 IR Thermal Detector can be installed at a range of locations including hospitals, airports, universities, shopping centres and transport stations.

The last product in our COVID-19 Range is our AB-GPS Tracker Anklets. Designed to monitor the whereabouts of people, the AB-GPS Tracker Anklets is an ideal solution that can be used to track the location of those who tested positive to COVID-19, are meant to be self isolating and complying with quarantine protocol. 

The AB-GPS Tracker Anklet is also tamper proof, making it perfect to keep check on those in isolation. This location monitoring device uses Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking signals, making it able to provide real time tracking emphasising its accuracy.

To prevent the second wave occurring, it is important that we all continue to practice good hygiene and that we only leave homes if it is for one of four reasons: shopping for food and supplies, care and care giving, exercise, and study and work


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