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At Australian Bollards we are always striving and innovating to provide our customers with the very best there is in safety and security. Australian Bollards Speedstiles are an effective robust access control solution that will provide the necessary security to keep the facility and the people within it safe from harm’s way. The range includes our flap barriers in the AB-EFB-01 and AB-DFB-450 while our full high turnstiles come in the AB-DHT-614-3 and AB-DHT-624-3.

Both the AB-EFB-01 and AB-DFB-450 are capable of not only helping secure an entry point of a building but also regulate and control the flow of people coming in and out of it, allowing up to 40 people to enter every minute. These flap barriers will close immediately once a person has walked through.

As well as helping make the facility secure, our flap Speedstiles are also installed with Facial Recognition Access Control cameras.  If the cameras are able to recognise your face and match it with the one in the system you will be granted access into the site, but if the camera isn’t able to find the correct match you will be prevented access onto the premises.


Our Full High Turnstiles is our second Speedstile solution. Much like the Flap Barriers, both the AB-DHT-614-3 and AB-DHT-624-3 allow people to pass through this product if access is granted. Our Full High Turnstiles are ceiling high and installed with a mechanical rotating barrier which can shield or contain a person as they attempt to enter the facility. These turnstiles can allow 20 people to enter the site per minute.        

Our ranges of speedstiles can also be customised to the Disability Discrimination Act which was passed in 1992 making them a DDA friendly security solution. This can be done by widening the width of the lane to allow greater access and room.

These DDA compliant security solutions are made from stainless steel and are coated in a standard hairline polish that adds elegance and an aesthetic touch to the product.   

Suitable for a range of locations, speedstiles can often be found at heavily populated locations like sports stadiums, shops, airports, train stations, office buildings or high security facilities like military bases. 

For more information on our range of products and services including speedstiles, please call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today. 

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