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The team at Australian Bollards Roadside Services and Saferoads Division recently installed AB-EAB Energy Absorbing Bollards at stop 23 alongside Mount Alexander Road in Flemington.

Designed and engineered to save lives, the AB-EAB is the latest traffic and road safety solution that ensures pedestrians and drivers are kept safe from harm’s way and buildings like the Flemington Community Centre and Alexander Lombard Tower are well protected.

What makes our Australian made AB-EAB’s unique, compared to other energy absorbing bollards, is their flexible design that allows them to take in the kinetic energy and “give way,” thereby creating an obtuse angle that elevates the car, whilst remaining firm upon impact. This allows the vehicle to decelerate in a safe controlled manner keeping the driver within the vehicle, thereby preventing further on scene fatalities and casualties.

Engineered to meet IWA 14-1/PAS68 industry standards, our Energy Absorbing Bollards are capable halting a 1600 kilogram vehicle travelling speeds up to 60 kilometres an hour and are installed with a cartridge that adds further support.


The AB-EAB is compliant with the AS/NZS 3845 standards (formed in 2017) and AS/NZS 1698 (2006), making it the benchmark for road safety barrier systems and device standards. After impact, the bollard can be repaired or replaced if required by one of our certified team members.

This game changing road and traffic solution enables increased safety for places such as sidewalks, footpaths, as well as heavy foot traffic areas like tram stops, restaurants and shopfronts.

For more information on our range of products and services like our energy absorbing bollards please call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today. 

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