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Australian Bollards latest solution to traffic control and public safety comes in the shape of our AB-TPU750-P Flexible Bollards.

The AB-TPU750-P Flexible Bollards is a versatile traffic safety solution that is designed to deter reckless drivers, display warning over hazardous areas and be used as a lane divider to separate vehicles in a controlled safe manner.   

Made from UV stabilised Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), which is extremely durable, our AB-TPU750-P bollards are easy to install and can be fitted to a number of surfaces including asphalt, bitumen and concrete by bolting down its base to the surface floor.

What makes this bollard a flexible traffic solution is its unique base design which allows the AB-TPU750-P to spring back into its original shape after repeated impacts with vehicles allowing for it to be reused over and over again.  

To help increase its visibility range for pedestrians and drivers, the AB-TPU750-P comes in Hi-Visibility orange coloured finish and includes a reflective tape which will allow it to be visible throughout the night as well.  

This flexible bollard can be utilised at a number of locations including construction zones, car parks, shopping centres and sidewalks.  

The AB-TPU750-P Flexible Bollard is 750mm in height, 80mm in diameter and 200mm at its base.

For more information on our range and services like our TPU Flexible Bollards please give us a call on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today.

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