Australia’s First Impactable Handrail System

Introducing Australia's first flexible handrail system, a groundbreaking innovation designed to redefine the standards of safety and durability in public infrastructure. These handrails are not just robust; they are intelligently engineered to absorb energy and resist shock, making them an ideal safeguard for both property and vehicles.

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, whether it's a sleek powder-coated finish or specific project-based requirements, these handrails can be customized to deliver both function and form. Their exceptional resilience ensures they maintain their structure and appearance, even after an impact, setting a new benchmark in handrail systems.

Flexibility Meets Durability: The Polypropylene Core Advantage

At the core of this flexible handrail system is an innovative polypropylene mechanism, which allows for significant impact deflection. This unique feature distinguishes our handrails from traditional options, providing an unmatched level of flexibility that enables the structure to withstand impacts and then return to its original form seamlessly.

The durability of the handrails is further enhanced by the polypropylene core, ensuring they remain functional and intact over time. This resilience is crucial for maintaining both the aesthetic appeal and the structural integrity of the handrail system, even after repetitive impact.

Versatile Installation with Enhanced Protection

Our innovative handrail system is tailored for diverse environments such as shopping centres, apartment complexes, and parking areas. These handrails are engineered to serve as reliable support for individuals, enhancing safety and accessibility with their sturdy construction. The system is designed to absorb and dissipate energy effectively, reducing the risk of damage to both the handrail and any impacting vehicles.

This not only protects the structure of the handrail and its foundation but also minimizes potential harm to vehicles. The system's adaptability does not compromise its protective abilities, providing peace of mind for property owners and users alike.

Aesthetic Resilience: The Future of Handrail Systems (The Professional's Choice for Flexible Safety)

The Flexible Handrail System represents the future of public safety infrastructure, blending traditional aesthetics with advanced technology. These handrails stand as a testament to the potential of combining form with function—offering a visually appealing solution without sacrificing strength and resilience.

The design addresses the practical needs of high-traffic areas prone to frequent impacts, providing a hassle-free, low-maintenance solution. With their ability to be DDA compliant, these handrails are not only a smart choice for any project but also a proactive step towards inclusive design that meets the needs of all users.

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