Asset protection with height bars

Height Marker Bar

As the “How many days since the Montague Street Bridge has been hit?” website demonstrates, drivers often underestimate the height of their vehicles to disastrous consequences. Indeed, while the infamous Montague Street Bridge and the frequency with which trucks get stuck under it has become a local inside joke in Melbourne, the consequences it has are significant. Each hit not only damages the crashing vehicle itself, but also impacts critical infrastructure, with public transport and traffic delays costing the economy approximately $100,000 per incident. Thankfully, the Montague Street Bridge is an extreme example, but it nonetheless demonstrates the need of the owners and managers of infrastructure with restricted height allowances, such as enclosed car parks, to ensure asset protection and remind drivers of where they can and cannot proceed. 

Australian Bollards’ height marker bars can be utilized as an efficient visual and physical warning to vehicles when advancing into enclosed or low clearance height restricted spaces. The nudge bar arm is suspended with a galvanized steel chain, the aluminium or steel material of the bar a robust enough obstruction to warn drivers not to enter while the chain suspension creates enough pliancy to not cause extensive damage to the vehicle.

Height Marker Bar 2

Powder coated in vibrant safety yellow for maximum visibility, our height bars are made of galvanized material and can be installed directly from the ceiling or on a custom manufactured modular framing system, which is installed with supplied masonry anchors to maintain sturdiness in the face of knocks from overreaching vehicles; Australian Bollards is able to adapt to unique and differing requirements. Our height marker bar frames are custom manufactured for a diverse range of heights and widths to suit any specifications with no limitation.

The height bars are ideal for staff and underground car parks, where height is often limited and where people may be unauthorized to enter certain areas. Where protection and warning may be needed in industrial facilities, Australian Bollards also custom manufactures overhead entrance way warning barriers, which although similar to height bars are necessarily less pliant in the face of large mobile equipment.

A valuable addition to a height marker bar that can also be supplied and installed by Australian Bollards are speed bumps, which similarly work as visual and physical warnings to drivers to slow down. Able to accommodate a variety of conditions, Australian Bollards supplies rubber and steel humps, all with a range of differing and beneficial features. Steel humps are the strongest and ideal for regulating speed in areas that sustain high levels of industrial and heavy vehicles, while our 100% recycled rubber humps are environmentally friendly and more gentle to drive over. When used in conjunction with height marker bars, speed humps can be installed before the height marker, preventing vehicles that may be unable to proceed from speeding through the warning. 

Whether used together or separately, Australian Bollards’ customized height marker bars and speed bumps are great visual and physical reminders to drivers of what they can or cannot do. Australian Bollards provides a range of solutions to a number of diverse problems. For more information, visit our website or contact us on +613 9459 3488.

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