Asset Protection to Support Mining Companies

Mining companies across Australia have experienced vehicle collisions as the most common cause of death in their workplace accidents in 2019. This is something that can be prevented. Severe injuries that happen whilst at work is an important issue that needs attention and at Australian Bollards, we provide solutions and important safety measures to address that.

Mining facilities are, without a doubt, dangerous workplaces and environments. However, with the assistance of our High Impact Bollards, they can help prevent damage and harm to miners and their workplace.

Asset protection ensures the safety and protection of people and critical infrastructure. It enforces people and vehicles to follow safety rules and obligations in a certain area such as a mining facility. Mining Equipment is expensive and can be hazardous at times, that’s why they need to be stored properly with the right protection.

Australian Bollards supply the ‘High Impact Energy Absorbing Bollards’ (AB-HI200NB-2100Y) that have been used on mining facilities across Western Australia in the past, like in the facilities of Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metals Group (FMG). These specific bollards are constructed from galvanised steel that will ensure a long lasting safe protection for your workplace and equipment.

They assist in protecting critical infrastructure, expensive equipment, limiting access from unauthorised vehicles and can be used for traffic control. These mining bollards (AB-HI200NB-2100Y) are heavy duty and can withstand a high impact from any collision.

The design of the bollard is one of its best features. The black and yellow stripes allow for excellent visibility, and the optional eyebolts and chains provide even more control over access.

This type of asset protection bollard (AB-HI200NB-2100Y) can also be used in car parks, airports, embassies, military bases, shopping centres and other places that require high security for their property. Asset protection encourages the safety of equipment and places by deterring unauthorised vehicles and people from entering.

High Impact Bollard

In addition to the above, Australian Bollards offer other products that can be classified as asset protection solutions. A few examples can be the Automatic Tyre Killers (AB-TK-SB-AUTOMATIC) to prevent unauthorised vehicle access, the Energy Absorbing Bollards (AB-EAB20) to protect infrastructure & equipment, or the Illuminated Boom Arms (AB-DBA-6M) to control access. We also offer many more types of asset protection to prevent hostile vehicles and threatening environments.

Implementing bollards, barriers or other protection solutions ensures that workers, staff and equipment are protected from any unwanted situations. 


Keep it Safe. Keep it Local. Keep it Australian Made.

For more information on our range of products and services, like our High Impact Energy Absorbing Bollards, contact us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website

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