Anti-Vehicle Fence - Designed & Manufactured in Australia

Australian Bollards introduces the hostile vehicle mitigation anti-vehicle fence. The fence is made out of high tensile ropes that are supported on steel line posts; they are then secured by anchor posts. They are designed specifically to protect certain perimeters from vehicle borne, and ram-raid attacks. These fences are engineered to comply with PAS68 (IWA14-1).

Australian Bollards is an Australian based security protection company, based in Heidelberg, Victoria. We strive off the fact that all our products are Australian designed and manufactured right in our very own Heidelberg factory. The anti-vehicle fence is no exception. Australian Bollards is one of only few Australian companies at the moment that is able to design and manufacture the fence all whilst engineering it to be PAS68 compliant.

Several companies throughout Europe and Asia are able to produce the product to similar quality but why import from overseas when we produce the same product in one’s own backyard.

The anti-vehicle fence was recently installed at the ANZ data centre, in Melbourne. The fence was installed as a safety protection solution against hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM). Its high quality and high performance make it very reliable in ensuring a defence for valuable site and asset protection.

The fences are a perfect solution for protecting the perimeters of locations such as airports, data centres, jails and military bases.

For more information on our hostile vehicle mitigation anti-vehicle fence feel free to call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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